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Welcome to RCO Systems, Inc.

We can help your business achieve a better "Return On Investment" by…

  • Reducing IT costs
  • Outsourcing IT headaches
  • Improving the security of the network

Think of us as an IT department for small and midsize companies! We are a computer systems integrator providing total solutions, and we specialize in helping businesses of all sizes better manage their information technologies. In a nutshell, we design, procure, install, manage, and support technology solutions!

We know that out of control IT expenses can cut into the financial health of your company, and our mission is to control those costs and deliver the Return On Investment you want and need from your IT resources.

That’s one reason we’re offering Sentinel-IT, a groundbreaking new service. Sentinel-IT is designed to allow businesses of all sizes “do more for less” by more effectively managing their computer networks in less time and with fewer headaches and staff than traditional network management products. For a very affordable price you can obtain outstanding network, security and systems management while freeing up time to concentrate more on your core business strategies.

Of course, we still provide the technology solutions we've been providing since 1990:

  • Consulting
  • Recommendations
  • Hardware and Software Procurement
  • Setup & Installation
  • Hardware/Software Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Training

RCO Systems, Keeping your world connected!

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